Palin at the Tea Party of America Rally in Indianola, Iowa

Palin at the Tea Party of America “Restoring America” Rally in Indianola, Iowa

PalinTV » Blog Archive » Governor Palin’s Speech In Indianola, Iowa
– Saturday, September 03, 2011

Tea Party of America | Restoring America from the Ground Up!


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  1. This being my first authentic WordPress Blog Post I would have to say it came out reasonably well. It was fortuitous for me that I had previously read the “Learn WordPress” literature on using “shortcode” to embed YouTube flash videos here, because it apparently had to be done this way. This “shortcode” seems to import, or replicate, YouTube’s relatively new “iframe” hypertext code for embedding shockwave-flash videos. Including my hastily self edited/created, transparent GIF, version of the Tea Party of America’s portable network graphics (i.e. png) image file logo was also not as straightforward as I had anticipated. I’m just so much more accustomed to the direct copy & paste of self-written hypertext markup then I am at using the available, user friendly, functionality of various blog/template markup editors. I was in quite a hurry to accomplish this post today; so my initial instinct was to try what, for me at least, is an already well understood method. 22:54 Eastern Daylight-savings Time, Tuesday, September 06, 2011.

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